The Foresters

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The Foresters (on the Dord Music Group label) consist of the three Nork brothers from Bethany Connecticut. Evan – guitar and lead vocals, Hayden – bass, vocals and Liam – drums. 

Founded in 2010 when the seen much growth on a personal as well as musical level and writes songs at a level well beyond their years. With the experience of two major releases under their belts, having progressed through pop punk, and brought in new influences, The Foresters are gearing up for summer 2015, which will see their strongest release to date.

The likes of Built To Spill, The Shins, and The Flaming Lips have served as inspiration for The Foresters and played a role in the formation of a new sound. Their youthful energy translates into their live show and allows them to connect with audiences of all ages. And with over four years performing, the three brothers are totally in sync with each other.

In 4+ years as a band, the brothers have played in venues all around Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts and all around the globe through their live internet concerts. The band has also had songs played on Radio 104.1, WPLR 99.1, Cygnus Radio, WPKN & WESU and has been featured on numerous websites including Deli Magazine, Nashville based Ear To The Ground, the annual Couch By Couchwest event  and Hot Band Boys. The band was named 2012 Artist of the Year by Boston based Music Box Pete, won the 2013 Stepping Stones Battle Of The Bands and won the 2014 CXCW Hope For The Future Award. The band puts on a fun performance that engages and entertains while playing an infectious mix of alt rock, power pop originals that you'll catch yourself singing after the show.

The Foresters are excited to announce their third album titled "Sun Songs" will be released on July 21, 2015. Pre-orders your copy here.